About Us

Who we are?

Harlech International Associates (HIA) are a customised security training and development company offering unique bespoke services, who are totally committed to the client. The experience and expertise of our senior management and key personnel are global leaders in their field with a long and proven record of accomplishment. This level of commitment and dedication has been the driving force behind the company founders to develop this unique expertise within HIA.

Harlech International Associates personnel have a diverse range of skills and are selected from various military units and government organisations, which include the United Kingdom Special Forces, the Parachute Regiment, the Royal Marines and the United Kingdom Police Forces.

What we do?

Harlech International Associates are able to provide subject matter experts in a number of areas covering a broad portfolio in Security Risk and Project Management, Specialist Security Training, Supply and Logistics with life support and a K9 Capability. Our services are conducted with the highest professionalism and discretion to the clients and are available to individuals, business and international organisations.

Our values

At our core, Harlech International Associates holds true to four values when conducting our business in the global market place. These values have been embraced by our employees and remain at the heart of the business solutions we collectively provide to our clients:

Integrity: Our word is our brand and we are committed to exceeding expectations, with honesty, openness and transparency

Respect: We are a multicultural organisation, having worked in numerous locations within the global village. Our business behaviour reflects a deep respect for the culture, religion, the environment and the requirements to build local confidence leaving a positive legacy.

Responsibility: Harlech International Associates is a responsible corporate partner with our clients and within the communities we operate. We measure ourselves against best practices on all fronts.

Reliability: Whilst ensuring we de-risk any identified issues, we deliver on time and on budget to provide consistent outcomes for the client in order that the client can maximise on opportunities in the market place.