Executive Protection & Training

Harlech International Associates has some of the most experienced VIP protection specialists, who have operated globally ensuring safe passage and continued protection of a number of high profile clients. Current security details can be assessed and retrained or if required a new team selected and trained for the client’s needs. Alternatively, Harlech International Associates is able to provide fully accredited security teams or individuals for your security needs.

Typical training will consist of the client threat and risk assessment, planning and briefing, venue security, foot and mobile security, counter surveillance, actions on events and a series of dynamic exercises. A detailed list of all subjects to be taught is provided in the Company Portfolio, which is available on request. In general the main subjects are:

  • Body guarding techniques
  • Close Quarter Battle (CQB) pertinent to the security professional
  • Medical training
  • Search techniques
  • Communications
  • Close Combat, Restraint Techniques and Physical Training
  • Advanced driving skills
  • Associated subjects enhancing the security details effectiveness