Logistics and Construction

Harlech International Associates Logistics and Transport division can manage logistic challenges in the most extreme locations. It is developing a comprehensive supply chain and logistics capability across the Middle East, Asia, Far East and elsewhere, that will guarantee the procurement and delivery of equipment and supplies, worldwide to wherever the client wishes.

Harlech International Associates can procure the highest quality products from its suppliers expediting its clients’ objectives professionally and promptly in the most demanding environments. Being turn-key and tailor-made, Harlech International Associates can provide all the associated services that maybe required, such as protective services or design and construction.

Logistics Services:

  • Air & Ocean Charters
  •  Personal Protective Equipment
  • Satellite Communications & Internet Systems
  • Office Equipment & Residential Furnishing
  • Construction Materials & Equipment
  • Inter & Intra Country Shipping & Storage
  • Rapid Replenishment & Replacement Component Programmes
  • Stock Control & Warehouse Management
  • Customs Clearance

Harlech International Associates is developing a design-build and construction capability; procuring, delivering, and securing the necessary materials, personnel, and equipment to build facilities and compounds, around the world.

Harlech International Associates aims to deliver the clients expectation  to be capable of undertaking the most demanding projects, in the most demanding environments, on time, every time.

Design & Construction Services:

  • Site Impact Analysis & Location Studies
  • Structural and Civil Engineering Services
  • Expeditionary Base Construction
  • Physical Security Infrastructure
  • Scheduling & Cost Estimating
  • Construction Management
  • Procurement of Local Workforce & Materials
  • Safety Program Administration
  • Quality Control & Assurance