Oil & Gas Security Services

A country`s oil and gas pipeline network is a critical asset and must be considered as one of the primary national security priorities. Protecting important national assets like these will provide a significant return on investment and protects future income. The potential for oil pipeline sabotage and theft is a significant concern. HIA offers innovative and cost effective ways to execute security oversight of these systems.

Services Offered:

  • Perimeter Protection
  • Pipeline Protection
  • Intruder Detection
  • UAV Surveillance
  • Rapid Response
  • Multiple technologies
    • Secure Pipe TM
    • Thermal imaging cameras
    • Video Analysis
    • Acoustic fibre-optics
    • Sub-aqua and land-based systems
    • Leak detection
    • Disturbance-sensitive wiring
    • IR intruder alarms
    • Telecom/internet security