Specialist Training

Harlech International Associates are able to provide a broad portfolio of specialists courses. All instructors are highly experienced in their fields, many from Special Forces and police backgrounds with years of experience in the subject they are being asked to deliver. We believe we have contemporary expert knowledge and skill within our organisation to enable us to teach and advise our clients on the full range of security subjects. Aspects of some training may be subject to correct approvals.

  • Selection of suitable candidates with the right aptitude for specialist training
  • Dynamic building entry and other aggressive hostage resolution methods, covering a broad range of scenarios, situations and locations
  • Close Quarter Battle (CQB) and instinctive shooting, including training on support weapons
  • Counter terrorism training
  • Hostile Environment Awareness training (HEAT)
  • Surveillance & Counter surveillance techniques
  • Medical training
  • Weapons training
  • Unarmed combat and restraint techniques
  • Mine and improvised explosive device recognition and awareness
  • Communications training
  • Exercises which are progressive and exacting
  • Driver training, recovery, progressive and evasive techniques
  • Other specialist training can be provided such as environmental specialists and team leaders for arid and tropical environments